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On Hockett’s Design Features of Language

1) Necessary features Some things are true of all languages by necessity, where language is a discrete combinatorial system of signs used to encode and communicate complicated information about one’s world. 1.1) Interchangeability One person talking to another person who… Continue Reading →

ANTH 103 Exam III Part I

Prompt Imagine you are an anthropologist. How would you explain to a general public: the value of anthropology towards understanding people and cultures in a diverse and global context how anthropologists are in a critical position of contributing to a… Continue Reading →

A Comedy of Errant Expectations

Prompt Who should be the beneficiaries of anthropological research: the anthropologists doing the research, the broader society supporting the research, or both? Who should be the beneficiaries of anthropological research? To gain approval or funding for their research, anthropologists are… Continue Reading →

“You may find yourself: An Essay that is also sort of a Series of Absurdist Fables and that has some Other Weird Aspects

Sticky post

Hi. My name is Marty. My thesis is that I’m going to tell you about me by talking about other stuff. First off, I’m going to tell you about snow. Secondly, I will tell you about a hat. Next, I will talk about a Christmas ornament. Then there’s some other stuff that you can just read for yourself.

…With Government Religion and Traditional Marriage for All.

All but eight states have laws or even constitutions in effect that prohibit same-sex marriage, with not even all of the remainder actually specifically allowing them. This is deplorable – but also essentially beside the point. You see, dear reader,… Continue Reading →

End of newspaper ushers in new Dark Ages! PANIC!

A certain well-known quotation, widely attributed to Mark Twain, may actually have been said, rather, by none other than the abstract concept known as the News: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” There has been a good deal… Continue Reading →

On Reality Television and the Mysterious Disappearance of the Author’s Faith in Humanity

Every morning, I wake up thinking, Boy, I can’t wait to get home so I can watch a large group of women of easy morals courting a man who is ignorant of everything outside his hot tub, or, I want… Continue Reading →

“What do you think is the biggest environmental threat facing us?”

Facing us? We are the biggest environmental threat. We are directly responsible for all the environmental damage. Let’s just take me for an example. Most of my life has been spent eating massive amounts of meat. Mistreatment and killing of… Continue Reading →

“What change do you wish to see in the world? How can you bring about that change?”

I’m certain this question is expecting an environmental answer, and while that’s up there, it’s not my first thought. The change I’d most like to see in the world is unlimited civil rights, such as absolute freedom of association, assembly,… Continue Reading →

“How can personal choice or behaviors influence air pollution?”

Nothing could affect anything – including air pollution – more than personal choice. At a personal level, every day, each person makes a relatively small impact on the environment, but combined, six and a half billion people make a much… Continue Reading →

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