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Well, here I am.



Some Love Poems

Roses are red / Violets are blue / I’m writing love poems / But am unsure whom to.

Stone to Mud

Liquid red gold / set(flowing) with microscopic rubies and garnets and brown smoky quartz and amethysts / and some diamonds, precious / diamonds taken, made to blades / diamonds, cut more diamonds, cut more diamonds, cut more / rubies and garnets and brown smoky quartz and amethysts and (and obsidian surrounded by sapphire immersed in opal ocean, miniature cuts leaking miniature liquid crystals […]

Bring Us Your Cold

A poem for two voices. Formatting this is proving difficult. Among the billions Among the warm and loving || living Among the carbon-based upright animal life-forms known as Homo sapiens sapiens, of course, destined to dominate everything, destroy, create but… Continue Reading →

Some Haiku

Really bad haiku / Whose titles are haiku too / Ain’t got no last line

Hello, Hello

Puff of smoke / From leather face / (leather by extension, / everything else was) // Tingling, tingling / Baring your teeth / He bares his bloody needle-sharp fangs // Baring your teeth, tailbone / Between your legs where it always has been / (You know he’s the same) // He pictures the floor / The primaries of orange beneath you


Olive-green, tan, brown chopper, Black, silver automatic gun and clear fuel, Blue, yellow, orange, red burst, Green grass and sandy soil, Red, pink, eventually purple splatters… But white socks!


Here is some awful poetry I wrote during my freshman year of high school, including the original project title and introduction. I must have thought I was clever or something.

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