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Modern Public Bathrooms

Everything in a modern public bathroom is automated. I hate it. I hate automatic bathrooms. Just a few minutes ago, I went to the bathroom here at SLC (CLC’s Southlake Campus). I pushed the door a little and it finished… Continue Reading →


Swift hard kick to the back of… he didn’t know anymore. He knew only from pain, but he was numb now. He reached out for something to comfort him, but his bloodied hand came back empty. He wouldn’t take no… Continue Reading →

Wreck of the Other Fitzgerald

“Finally got that fax in, Stu. From… Uh… Ah, yeah, Treall Holdings,” said Ted glumly. He didn’t even know what was on the paper; he just knew he was waiting for it for days. “Hrm. Thanks.” Stu ripped the papers… Continue Reading →

Shootin’ the Breeze

The living room was filled with cool, bluish light, and the room was not made any warmer by the two bodies being so far apart on the long, L-shaped, black leather couch. Mike Ferguson and Dave Waxman were positioned opposite… Continue Reading →

A Little of This, A Little of That

A plain but handsome man shuffles out of his paper-shuffling, corporate-lackey office job and out the lobby with the rest of the herd to his 1983 Volkswagen. He puts the key in, and idles around the parking lot at random…… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Man

A day, give or take, in the life of… Well, you’ll see. 7:20 AM. An hour or so ‘til school starts. I see Jamie, Lindsay, and a few more of my fave girlfriends. I follow ‘em, quickly, before I lose… Continue Reading →

Fowl Language

Goose plucked a crayon out of a small box on a nearby shelf. Sepia, what an awful crayon color, but he would use it anyway. He dragged the pad of paper across the rug closer to him. He doodled a… Continue Reading →

Prelude to a Kiss

He felt a pang of fear, a pang of self-pity hovering on his ignorance; he felt, too, the breath of shivering flame, on his face, on his neck, then quickly through his shoulders and gone. She appeared to him angelic,… Continue Reading →

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