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November 2005

Honeybear Movie credits

From a movie made in Interactive Multimedia class, in high school, with Lab “Adam DeSantis” Rat. This wasn’t the final version, but it’s pretty close. STARRING Lenurdt “Marty” Rosenberg – Guaderno, God of Fury Superboy “Justin” Tunner – Sam Honeybear… Continue Reading →

Pixel Text Photoshop Tutorial

Make a new file (File > New…), with options “Mode: RGB Color” and “Contents: Transparent.” I made it 320×240. Fill the layer with black (Paint Bucket Tool). Select a bright color (Set Foreground Color). I used 0066FF. Make a type… Continue Reading →


Olive-green, tan, brown chopper, Black, silver automatic gun and clear fuel, Blue, yellow, orange, red burst, Green grass and sandy soil, Red, pink, eventually purple splatters… But white socks!

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